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Welcome to London!

London is a place that oozes royalty in every element that it has. When it comes to tourism, it has a lot to offer and has always been one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world.
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[vc_column_text]The best accommodations will be provided according to your requirement. The place has a lot of good hotels and hence it is the last thing that you need to worry about.[/vc_column_text]

Food & Drink

[vc_column_text]When it comes to food and drinks you will never be disappointed. The place has a lot of amazing restaurants and world-class bars.[/vc_column_text]


[vc_column_text]There are a lot of activities that you could indulge in. From adventure sports to long drives, there I a lot that anyone can enjoy.[/vc_column_text]


[vc_column_text]Shopping is one of the integral parts of tourism, and we are sure that you will be very much satisfied with the shopping experience.[/vc_column_text]

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Explore London Holidays & Discover The Best Time

[vc_column_text]London is one of the best places to take a break from your routine and bring your stress levels down. It is a kind of place that can rejuvenate both the mind and the body of an individual. So when you in London, make the most of it.[/vc_column_text]
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Big Ben

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Tower of London

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

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Latest Posts


Warner Bros Studio Tour, London


Being a huge Harry Potter fan, it is like a dream come true to visit a place where this thriller happened to shoot. It is the kind of situation, where if you visit London, even if not a fan of harry potter, must take a tour to Warner Bros Studio. This is the studio where the majority of the films were shot. It is a thrilling and fascinating experience to pay a visit to all the places the shot probably was taken. There are many places you can experience while being in the studio, the forbidden forest, railway station, the Great Hall, areas inside the Hogwarts and also the Diagon Alley! This would make you feel being a part of the Hogwarts, which you might always want to be, since childhood. Harry Potter was shot all through London in the locations like Alnwick Castle, Leadenhall Market, Glenfinnan Viaduct and many other real-world situations. Many interiors were shot from the Warner Bros studio.


The tour of Warner Bros studio not only makes you experience the feel of being at the set of one of your favorite movies but also is a great place to learn how exactly a film is shot, how are the props used and how are the backgrounds edited to look perfect on the big screen. You can get a chance to participate in the green magic tricks, taste the butterbeer and can own as many as you wish to have the merchandise harry potter stuff.

Harry Potter studio is situated in the Warner Bro studio, which is located in Leavesden, England. This is around twenty miles from northwest London. Being completely working studio, it is one of the largest studios in the United Kingdom and not just Harry Potter series, but many other legendary movies have been shot in here too, like Mission Impossible, Star Wars, Batman, etc.

Film Factory

There are many ways in which you can reach the studio. You can either book a tour which takes care of the transport, or can also opt for public transportation or book a taxi. There are many departure venues where you can get your tour from, according to your preference and time. One tour departs from Victoria coach station, London. Another from Kings Cross station, London, another from Birmingham, another from Portland Streets. You can choose according to your preference and guidance. You can book your tickets to the studio online from the official website. You must have a ticket and shall not be allowed without one. Even though the studio is capable of holding 6000 people, the tickets sell out very quickly and hence are suggested to get them in advance on prior basis.

Top Rated Attraction in London!


London has been winning the hearts of millions of people with the entertainment region. There is no season where theatres of London remain empty, there always not just one but many projects active at a point. London also leads in the hostility to around thirty million people every year with top most touring attractions. With the vibrant art and culture, London stands out in its own league and no other city stands next to it, in comparison. Even after fifty years of the Beatles band, the city still rocks the world in music. Presenting the best concentration and cultural attraction, London is the best place to consider tripping to, especially if you rent a luxury car from a reputable agency such as apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/uk/london/. London has everything snuggled right beneath, from Royal palaces to administrative parliament, from churches to museums, from giant wheel to heart-stopping views, from world’s best cuisine to rocking music industry, it has all.

Palace window

Few must visit places of London:

Buckingham Palace

The most classic and iconic building of England, with a magnificent display of pomp and circumstances of changing guards is a must watch beauty. With strong history behind how it became a failed silk worm farm to a Queen’s palace, Buckingham palace has huge abbey with historic art gallery which is sometimes on display to public. The gallery owns the world’s most famous painting and many artworks from the most famous artists like Leonardo d Vinci. Built in 1837 and has been a home to Royal family since. If you ever want to find out if the Queen is in the palace or not, look at the pole, if the royal standard flag is flying night and day, it shows that the queen is in the palace. When the queen is out on the vacation to Scotland in summers, the tickets are on sell to take a tour of the Queen’s gallery, Royal Mews and State rooms.

Buckingham Palace

The Tower of London

The fortress was constructed to protect London. The first tower to stand was the white tower and the first one to captive a prisoner. The tower has seen a long history from prisoner to palace, treasure holding palace to zoo. The tower has been into many roles. The significant heritage has many fascinating things to amuse the public like the armours and armaments. The crown jewellery on exhibition takes the breath away of the visitors. It also has the executionary tools and Beefeaters, Royal Mint etc. The two adjacent towers are the highest towers, rising up to two hundred feet above river Thames and is known as the London’s best landmark – which would be a great place to visit with the luxury from an exotic car rental.

Things to do in London!

London Building

England is the country who entertains around twenty-seven million visitors every year. The beauty of this place is eternal with a pinch of Royal touch. It does not seem surprising that London tops the list in the visitors plan of touring. London is the city with Crown and a huge London eye. The city was founded by Romans and has been under a royal lookout since then. The city stands tall with diverse culture, rich history and outstanding customs on the planet. London might be the most ancient city of England, but it is the smallest city of the country. Being home to around nine million people covers a large metropolitan area. Every district in London has a distinct and vibrant lookout with specifications from North, South, East and West London. The central London is the hub for tourist adventure and is the most visited area of the city. London offers the best art, neighborhood, dining, cuisine, entertainment, fashion and shopping spree, history and what not! It is nearly impossible to get bored when in London.

Few things, you need to explore in London:

Hyde Park

The largest and the most popular park of England is Hyde Park. This park was constructed after removal of the Imperial gate of Buckingham Palace to the sideways. The park has a strong history on the grounds with all the protests and still hosts number of demonstrations including the protest of Suffragettes. The park has a famous corner which still is occupied by the speakers and is home to various social debates. Many artists also perform in this corner weekly. It is the home to many memorial features and especially the two-water body surrounding the suburbs like Serpentine.


The home to the house of parliament and considerable political hub. It owns the world-famous Big Ben which is the name of a bell house with a classic clock tower, it chimes even till date. One can also roam into Westminster Abbey which is usually open for public for most of the days. You must also pay a visit to Parliament Square which have the statues of the most important political people like Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.


London Eye

A trip to London is not completed unless you get a picture standing right under the grand eye of Coca Coal, famously known as London Eye. The Eye is originally a giant wheel which gives a swing and takes a breath away by the view from the top of the whole city. It was established to celebrate the millennium. It lightens up with seasonal and colorful lights and stands tall as a true centerpiece of the whole city.

Places to visit in London!


London is the smallest city of England and yet the most advance, entertaining and important one of England. The city was founded by Romans and the development has no stopping since then. London has a Crown of Royalty and a gigantic circle popularly known as London eye. London is a host to around twenty million tourists every year and the city never fails to entertain them with diverse culture, rich history and amusing arts. Home to about nine million people from across the globe, the city covers the major part of the metropolitan area.

Few must visit places in London are


It is popular for the friendly culture and neighborhood of North London. The crowd at this place just pulls your mood to ninth sky and therefore is the best place to go whenever feeling low. People here are crowded there with rockabillies, punks, goths and tourists. It feels like the most happening place on the earth with such alternative culture. It is the modern and viberant community and therefore you would find several tattoo and piercing shops. The Camden town is eclectic and you would find various different street food stalls holding international cuisine and it has many stalls selling creative and very unique artworks and paintings and trinkets to take away to home along.



Soho is known as the base of sex industry not only in London but all around the globe. The area feels alive as a heartbeat showing the best night life with few sex shops dotted around still legibly standing tall. Soho gives risqué and delightful vibe with such hippie and lively outframe. Soho is considered as LGBTQ community’s hub with many gay and lesbian clubs opening after sunset. You would get a lot to explore here like different clubs, bars, theatres, jazz bars and this makes a hot and spicy cultural hotspot. Soho doesn’t lose its charm even during day, with many music cafes and restaurants, It still remains the hotspot.


Brick Lane

Heart of Bangladeshi community of London, featured in the book and also the movie with the same mentioned title gives it a charm it deserves. The Brick Lane features sign board in both Bangali and English language and known for the abundance of curry houses. It is the first place to go to if you love spicy food and it also delights your mouth with mouth-watering south Asian sweets.

History of Tower of London!

London big bridge

The tower of London is known as one of the oldest and the most famous prison. Though the purpose of the tower was not to capture the criminals but eventually the tower became captive. The complex with seven towers was initially constructed as a fortress to protect London, the capital city of British Royal Empire in the eleventh century. Eventually, the tower started becoming famous for its brutality.

Let us go through a few of seven towers and how are they put into use;

White Tower:

This is one of the oldest amongst all others. It was constructed during 1078 and was completed in 1100, under the rule of King William the two. The tower was built by Gundulf of Rochester who also produced many sites like Cathedral church in his home town. Made using a dynamic form of marble, the white limestone marble which was specially imported from Caen, northwest France. When King Henry took over the throne, he performed his first act by getting Rannulf Flambard arrested. He was charged against the action of selling the administration bearing in the exchange of money in the church. He was the first prisoner of White Tower, although he escaped later.


Old London

The Bell and Wardrobe Tower:

The construction of Belltower started in 1190 and was completed in 1210, and that of the wardrobe tower, it began in 1190 and was completed in 1190. The bell tower had the bell at the top of the tower, which was rung in case of emergency and being at such a place, could be heard loud through the fortress. The wardrobe tower, as the name suggests was used to hold the garments of the royal family. It also kept the famous crown jewels of England. A decade later, the king ordered to construct a Lanthorn and Wakefield tower. The Lanthorn tower was useful in guiding the ships which entered the Thames river during the historical period of England.

Torture and Execution Tower:

The pain was a rare action to perform but was usually took as an activity during the compellation of political prisoners to get the vital information which might be threatening to the empire. The prisoner was held on the rack, bound with ropes, slowly pulled to inflict the pain. It was an action taken, due to the security issues even from within the royal family itself. Though tortures have been a rare site, executions were common. There were many prisoners beheaded, fired squad or hung for the crimes they committed.

Buckingham Palace, London

London Bridge

Buckingham Palace is the palace in the city Westminster, a place London residence of British Sovereign, being a part of central London, England. British monarch lives here and willingly work for the ministry. The location is usually used in the special occasions served with royal hospitality at times of happiness and crises nationwide. The Duke of Buckingham built in c.1705 for John Sheffield for brought by the royal family in 1762 by the Royal Highness George the third. He bought it for his wife, Queen Charlotte and hence referred to as queen’s house since. In 1820s George the fourth order John Nash to convert the townhouse into a palace. The palace then kept getting renovated by different highness’ orders and by different architects working towards the orders from time to time. Gardens, Marble Archway, expansion of Fore Court, were all part of remodeling in the later years. Victoria was the first royal sovereign to live in the Buckingham Palace from 1837.

London Queen

The Queen’s palace is a real exhibition of high art in the Queen’s gallery with famous paintings from famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and includes Faberge eggs. The palace usually follows high standards when the sovereign member resides the house. Every morning the guard is changed, especially during May and through all July. The staterooms used to be open for the tourists during August and September during medieval nineteen nineties. It was followed to gather some finances for repairing the Windsor Castle which was accidently damaged due to fire in nineteen ninety-two.

Buckingham Palace has raised form failed silkworm farm to the third most Instagrammed site of London. Known for the official residence of Queen Elizabeth the two, the halls of Queen’s palace contain the legit history of four hundred years through all but many-windowed walls. Blind in the competition with France in the silk production industry, during seventeenth-century fashion, the king started planting the mulberry tree to cultivates the silkworms at the place where now, the palace stands. Due to bad advice, British monarchy ended up wrong seeding type of mulberry trees. Unless the worms were fed on the white leaves, they used to secrete coarse thread, and that was a massive degradation from a luxury material that major king desired.


If one wants a selfie with the Queen, the flag symbolizes what his chances are. If the flag is one from the royal standards, with four quadrants, one quadrant has a gold harp on the blue background and the other three quadrants with red lions on the gold background, and it says that the queen is just meters away following her daily chorus, sipping tea or just peering through the sleek curtains.