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History of Tower of London!

The tower of London is known as one of the oldest and the most famous prison. Though the purpose of the tower was not to capture the criminals but eventually the tower became captive. The complex with seven towers was initially constructed as a fortress to protect London, the capital city of British Royal Empire in the eleventh century. Eventually, the tower started becoming famous for its brutality.

Let us go through a few of seven towers and how are they put into use;

White Tower:

This is one of the oldest amongst all others. It was constructed during 1078 and was completed in 1100, under the rule of King William the two. The tower was built by Gundulf of Rochester who also produced many sites like Cathedral church in his home town. Made using a dynamic form of marble, the white limestone marble which was specially imported from Caen, northwest France. When King Henry took over the throne, he performed his first act by getting Rannulf Flambard arrested. He was charged against the action of selling the administration bearing in the exchange of money in the church. He was the first prisoner of White Tower, although he escaped later.


Old London

The Bell and Wardrobe Tower:

The construction of Belltower started in 1190 and was completed in 1210, and that of the wardrobe tower, it began in 1190 and was completed in 1190. The bell tower had the bell at the top of the tower, which was rung in case of emergency and being at such a place, could be heard loud through the fortress. The wardrobe tower, as the name suggests was used to hold the garments of the royal family. It also kept the famous crown jewels of England. A decade later, the king ordered to construct a Lanthorn and Wakefield tower. The Lanthorn tower was useful in guiding the ships which entered the Thames river during the historical period of England.

Torture and Execution Tower:

The pain was a rare action to perform but was usually took as an activity during the compellation of political prisoners to get the vital information which might be threatening to the empire. The prisoner was held on the rack, bound with ropes, slowly pulled to inflict the pain. It was an action taken, due to the security issues even from within the royal family itself. Though tortures have been a rare site, executions were common. There were many prisoners beheaded, fired squad or hung for the crimes they committed.

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