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Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace is the palace in the city Westminster, a place London residence of British Sovereign, being a part of central London, England. British monarch lives here and willingly work for the ministry. The location is usually used in the special occasions served with royal hospitality at times of happiness and crises nationwide. The Duke of Buckingham built in c.1705 for John Sheffield for brought by the royal family in 1762 by the Royal Highness George the third. He bought it for his wife, Queen Charlotte and hence referred to as queen’s house since. In 1820s George the fourth order John Nash to convert the townhouse into a palace. The palace then kept getting renovated by different highness’ orders and by different architects working towards the orders from time to time. Gardens, Marble Archway, expansion of Fore Court, were all part of remodeling in the later years. Victoria was the first royal sovereign to live in the Buckingham Palace from 1837.

London Queen

The Queen’s palace is a real exhibition of high art in the Queen’s gallery with famous paintings from famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and includes Faberge eggs. The palace usually follows high standards when the sovereign member resides the house. Every morning the guard is changed, especially during May and through all July. The staterooms used to be open for the tourists during August and September during medieval nineteen nineties. It was followed to gather some finances for repairing the Windsor Castle which was accidently damaged due to fire in nineteen ninety-two.

Buckingham Palace has raised form failed silkworm farm to the third most Instagrammed site of London. Known for the official residence of Queen Elizabeth the two, the halls of Queen’s palace contain the legit history of four hundred years through all but many-windowed walls. Blind in the competition with France in the silk production industry, during seventeenth-century fashion, the king started planting the mulberry tree to cultivates the silkworms at the place where now, the palace stands. Due to bad advice, British monarchy ended up wrong seeding type of mulberry trees. Unless the worms were fed on the white leaves, they used to secrete coarse thread, and that was a massive degradation from a luxury material that major king desired.


If one wants a selfie with the Queen, the flag symbolizes what his chances are. If the flag is one from the royal standards, with four quadrants, one quadrant has a gold harp on the blue background and the other three quadrants with red lions on the gold background, and it says that the queen is just meters away following her daily chorus, sipping tea or just peering through the sleek curtains.

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