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Places to visit in London!

London is the smallest city of England and yet the most advance, entertaining and important one of England. The city was founded by Romans and the development has no stopping since then. London has a Crown of Royalty and a gigantic circle popularly known as London eye. London is a host to around twenty million tourists every year and the city never fails to entertain them with diverse culture, rich history and amusing arts. Home to about nine million people from across the globe, the city covers the major part of the metropolitan area.

Few must visit places in London are


It is popular for the friendly culture and neighborhood of North London. The crowd at this place just pulls your mood to ninth sky and therefore is the best place to go whenever feeling low. People here are crowded there with rockabillies, punks, goths and tourists. It feels like the most happening place on the earth with such alternative culture. It is the modern and viberant community and therefore you would find several tattoo and piercing shops. The Camden town is eclectic and you would find various different street food stalls holding international cuisine and it has many stalls selling creative and very unique artworks and paintings and trinkets to take away to home along.



Soho is known as the base of sex industry not only in London but all around the globe. The area feels alive as a heartbeat showing the best night life with few sex shops dotted around still legibly standing tall. Soho gives risqué and delightful vibe with such hippie and lively outframe. Soho is considered as LGBTQ community’s hub with many gay and lesbian clubs opening after sunset. You would get a lot to explore here like different clubs, bars, theatres, jazz bars and this makes a hot and spicy cultural hotspot. Soho doesn’t lose its charm even during day, with many music cafes and restaurants, It still remains the hotspot.


Brick Lane

Heart of Bangladeshi community of London, featured in the book and also the movie with the same mentioned title gives it a charm it deserves. The Brick Lane features sign board in both Bangali and English language and known for the abundance of curry houses. It is the first place to go to if you love spicy food and it also delights your mouth with mouth-watering south Asian sweets.

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