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Things to do in London!

England is the country who entertains around twenty-seven million visitors every year. The beauty of this place is eternal with a pinch of Royal touch. It does not seem surprising that London tops the list in the visitors plan of touring. London is the city with Crown and a huge London eye. The city was founded by Romans and has been under a royal lookout since then. The city stands tall with diverse culture, rich history and outstanding customs on the planet. London might be the most ancient city of England, but it is the smallest city of the country. Being home to around nine million people covers a large metropolitan area. Every district in London has a distinct and vibrant lookout with specifications from North, South, East and West London. The central London is the hub for tourist adventure and is the most visited area of the city. London offers the best art, neighborhood, dining, cuisine, entertainment, fashion and shopping spree, history and what not! It is nearly impossible to get bored when in London.

Few things, you need to explore in London:

Hyde Park

The largest and the most popular park of England is Hyde Park. This park was constructed after removal of the Imperial gate of Buckingham Palace to the sideways. The park has a strong history on the grounds with all the protests and still hosts number of demonstrations including the protest of Suffragettes. The park has a famous corner which still is occupied by the speakers and is home to various social debates. Many artists also perform in this corner weekly. It is the home to many memorial features and especially the two-water body surrounding the suburbs like Serpentine.


The home to the house of parliament and considerable political hub. It owns the world-famous Big Ben which is the name of a bell house with a classic clock tower, it chimes even till date. One can also roam into Westminster Abbey which is usually open for public for most of the days. You must also pay a visit to Parliament Square which have the statues of the most important political people like Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.


London Eye

A trip to London is not completed unless you get a picture standing right under the grand eye of Coca Coal, famously known as London Eye. The Eye is originally a giant wheel which gives a swing and takes a breath away by the view from the top of the whole city. It was established to celebrate the millennium. It lightens up with seasonal and colorful lights and stands tall as a true centerpiece of the whole city.