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Top Rated Attraction in London!

London has been winning the hearts of millions of people with the entertainment region. There is no season where theatres of London remain empty, there always not just one but many projects active at a point. London also leads in the hostility to around thirty million people every year with top most touring attractions. With the vibrant art and culture, London stands out in its own league and no other city stands next to it, in comparison. Even after fifty years of the Beatles band, the city still rocks the world in music. Presenting the best concentration and cultural attraction, London is the best place to consider tripping to, especially if you rent a luxury car from a reputable agency such as London has everything snuggled right beneath, from Royal palaces to administrative parliament, from churches to museums, from giant wheel to heart-stopping views, from world’s best cuisine to rocking music industry, it has all.

Palace window

Few must visit places of London:

Buckingham Palace

The most classic and iconic building of England, with a magnificent display of pomp and circumstances of changing guards is a must watch beauty. With strong history behind how it became a failed silk worm farm to a Queen’s palace, Buckingham palace has huge abbey with historic art gallery which is sometimes on display to public. The gallery owns the world’s most famous painting and many artworks from the most famous artists like Leonardo d Vinci. Built in 1837 and has been a home to Royal family since. If you ever want to find out if the Queen is in the palace or not, look at the pole, if the royal standard flag is flying night and day, it shows that the queen is in the palace. When the queen is out on the vacation to Scotland in summers, the tickets are on sell to take a tour of the Queen’s gallery, Royal Mews and State rooms.

Buckingham Palace

The Tower of London

The fortress was constructed to protect London. The first tower to stand was the white tower and the first one to captive a prisoner. The tower has seen a long history from prisoner to palace, treasure holding palace to zoo. The tower has been into many roles. The significant heritage has many fascinating things to amuse the public like the armours and armaments. The crown jewellery on exhibition takes the breath away of the visitors. It also has the executionary tools and Beefeaters, Royal Mint etc. The two adjacent towers are the highest towers, rising up to two hundred feet above river Thames and is known as the London’s best landmark – which would be a great place to visit with the luxury from an exotic car rental.

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