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Warner Bros Studio Tour, London

Being a huge Harry Potter fan, it is like a dream come true to visit a place where this thriller happened to shoot. It is the kind of situation, where if you visit London, even if not a fan of harry potter, must take a tour to Warner Bros Studio. This is the studio where the majority of the films were shot. It is a thrilling and fascinating experience to pay a visit to all the places the shot probably was taken. There are many places you can experience while being in the studio, the forbidden forest, railway station, the Great Hall, areas inside the Hogwarts and also the Diagon Alley! This would make you feel being a part of the Hogwarts, which you might always want to be, since childhood. Harry Potter was shot all through London in the locations like Alnwick Castle, Leadenhall Market, Glenfinnan Viaduct and many other real-world situations. Many interiors were shot from the Warner Bros studio.


The tour of Warner Bros studio not only makes you experience the feel of being at the set of one of your favorite movies but also is a great place to learn how exactly a film is shot, how are the props used and how are the backgrounds edited to look perfect on the big screen. You can get a chance to participate in the green magic tricks, taste the butterbeer and can own as many as you wish to have the merchandise harry potter stuff.

Harry Potter studio is situated in the Warner Bro studio, which is located in Leavesden, England. This is around twenty miles from northwest London. Being completely working studio, it is one of the largest studios in the United Kingdom and not just Harry Potter series, but many other legendary movies have been shot in here too, like Mission Impossible, Star Wars, Batman, etc.

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There are many ways in which you can reach the studio. You can either book a tour which takes care of the transport, or can also opt for public transportation or book a taxi. There are many departure venues where you can get your tour from, according to your preference and time. One tour departs from Victoria coach station, London. Another from Kings Cross station, London, another from Birmingham, another from Portland Streets. You can choose according to your preference and guidance. You can book your tickets to the studio online from the official website. You must have a ticket and shall not be allowed without one. Even though the studio is capable of holding 6000 people, the tickets sell out very quickly and hence are suggested to get them in advance on prior basis.

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